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Music Electives - Band, Choir and Orchestra 
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Music Electives are yearlong music courses that can be taken in lieu of an elective. Be part of the music! Join the fun and be part of our music family! Music classes are the only classes that you can sign up with a friend.
Band & Orchestra Info
Band & Orchestra is for anyone! We offer classes that require no experience up to advanced classes. If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Stoffel, at [email protected]. Here are class offerings:
Beginning Band & Orchestra No experience required! We start right from the beginning. Orchestra classes offer instruction in string instruments and band classes offer instruction in woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments.
Intermediate Band & Orchestra
These classes are for students with previous experience. Most 7th graders with previous experience belong in this class. We play music a level higher than the elementary advanced level classes.
Advanced Band & Orchestra
These classes are made up of mostly 8th graders and require an audition. You can find audition material at our website: Advanced Band & Orchestra Auditions
Choir Info
All students are welcome to join choir! If you have experience or want a challenge, sign up for Chamber Choir. If you are new to singing, beginning choir is the place for you. No audition is necessary, but if you'd like to submit a short, 30 second video (think "Happy Birthday" or one verse and one chorus of your favorite song), you can email a video to [email protected] or email to set up a face to face Zoom. I look forward to meeting you all in choir next year!


Specialty Elective Applications
The application window has now closed. Applicants will be notified May 19 3:00 PM.
Students can still apply to Choir, Band, and Orchestra.