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Rancho Pico Junior High

Associated Student Body (ASB)


Course Introduction:  

Your enrollment in Rancho Pico Jr. High School Leadership Class means that you are willing to devote time and energy to the student activities and student/staff recognition programs.  More than simply giving of your time and talents, you are here to learn skills which will allow you to become a more effective leader/organizer.   


The concept of “leadership” is a nebulous one that is subject to a variety of definitions and interpretations.   The purpose of this class is to provide you with opportunities to develop your own style and interpretation of “leadership.”  Developing skills for communication, time management, goal setting, interpersonal relations, public relations, and organization, will be primary objectives for this class.  These are useful tools for good effective leaders.  

Course Objectives:

Provide a governing body (Executive Council) to oversee student related activities.

Provide a wide range of activities and events to build unity and relationships among our student body.

To learn leadership skills through class work, experience, the experience of others, and reflection.

Course Goals:

To develop responsibility, initiative, creativity, leadership and school pride.

To allow students to participate in or manage co-curricular affairs.

To encourage productive student-staff relationships.

To aid in the internal administration of the school.

To develop school-community relationships.