Web Store

Step # 1 - Access Online Store
Click here to access the Rancho Pico Junior High ASB Online Store.
The web store will require you to create a new account.
Step #2 - Create Account
A computer works better than a cell phone for this process.
Click “My Account” (upper right) then “Register for an account.”
Enter the requested information and click “Register.”
Click here to download detailed instructions. (PDF)
Step #3 - Confirm Account
You will receive an e-mail from the Online Store. Click the link within the e-mail to confirm your account and return to the online store. 
Step #4 - Log In
Some items may only be available to students. A student can be linked to any account through the following steps:
While logged in to the online store, click "My Account", then select the "My Family" tab on the left hand side. Enter the student's ID number in the space provided. Once you click "Add", the student's name will appear. You can repeat this process to add additional students. 
If you forget your password:
Call the ASB office at Extension 1411 and the secretary can reset your password.