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Team Information

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Team Teachers:
Mrs. Morse
Mr. Jacobs- History and Computers
Mrs. Mumford-English
Miss. Pistone-History and ASB
Mr. Ritchie-Science
  Science is a passion of mine and I simply want to pass that passion onto my students by giving them a fun, interactive learning environment in my classroom. Many biology concepts will be taught in my class along with general science ideas like problem solving and simply asking questions about the world around you. I grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to California after attending Penn state university for Earth and Space science with an education focus. I love Rancho Pico and the surrounding community. Together we will make RP junior high a great place. 
Use the links below for extra help on homework throughout the year. 
Mrs. Rojas-Foods
 This is my first year at Rancho Pico and I am so excited to be here teaching Culinary!  This is the first year Rancho Pico is offering culinary.  I have taught high school math and elementary school for the fourteen years but teaching Culinary is my dream job.  Many years ago I attended a small culinary program and worked in catering and as a pastry chef.   Both of my children attended Rancho Pico so I feel at home here with so many wonderful staff, students, and parents.   I love learning,  cooking, traveling and eating! 
Mrs. Yang-Math