President: Mandy O'Connor 

Vice President: Tina Sexton

Treasurer: Michelle Espiritu

Volunteer Coordinator: Amy McKenna

Secretary: Brianna Gruft

Activities Coordinator: OPEN

The purpose of the Rancho Pico Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is as followed:
  1. To serve in the role as “Key Communicators & Ambassadors” for the Rancho Pico Community, thus strengthening communications and establishing liaison between the school and its parents. 
  2. To promote and support the students, staff, and activities at Rancho Pico Junior HIgh School.
  3. To serve as an advisory group to the Principal, when needed, regarding matters related to educational needs, problems, improvements and/or priorities.
We Celebrate the Success of Our Students and Staff: On-Campus Events!  
  • Gratitude Month - November

  • Holiday Cheer - December

  • Valentine's Day Treats - February

  • School Recognitions/Awards - Throughout the Year

  • CAASPP - April

  • Staff Appreciation Week - May

  • End of Year Fun - May

Ways to Give - There are a few ways to give to the Rancho Pico PAC:
  1. By volunteering your time at the on-campus PAC events OR
  2. Bringing in items needed for the activities or any school priorities OR
  3. Donating money/funds for these on-campus activities and any educational needs, improvements, and/or priorities the Rancho Pico Community is in need of during the 2023-2024 school year.
To make a donation to the PAC, please give through PAC’s PayPal account: Rancho Pico Parent Advisory Committee at Rancho Pico Parent Advisory Committee or by using the QR Code.
Please note that all funds that are donated to the Rancho Pico PAC go directly to the Rancho Pico Community. Every dollar is appreciated!

We hope you will consider joining our PAC and attending our meetings. We value your input!