Rancho Pico Junior High

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Mr. Forbes earned his Bachelor of Arts in English from Humboldt State University and his teaching credential from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He has been teaching in the Hart District since 2001. Before that he also taught English in Japan for nearly two years and was a missionary in Korea for two years. 
Mr. Forbes's fatal flaw and greatest strength are one and the same: his curiosity about a broad range of interests. He has raised tropical fish since he was in elementary school (Ask him about his African Cichlids.). He has built speakers and done some woodworking over a fairly extended time frame, too. Language study, animals, music, gardening, electronics, audio video, guitar, and even skateboarding and bicycling (before his knees gave out) are all things that Mr. Forbes has spent some time with and enjoys. And he also has an undying love of food--Mediterranean, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Greek, Mexican, Persian, Chinese, Italian, Thai, and good-old American burgers are all among his favorites. If you are looking for Mr. Forbes outside of school, follow the food or try Home Depot. Both of those options give you a good chance of tracking him down.
Feel free to share your interests with Mr. Forbes. There is a very good chance that he shares at least one in common with you.
And stay curious and constantly learning. It's a good way to be.