7th Grade Transition to 8th

Plans for 7th Graders Going into 8th Grade
RP has plans in place for our 7th-grade students to help them plan for 8th-grade enrollment and placement in all courses at RP.

Families will receive information regarding updating Infinite Campus and Online Enrollment for 8th grade as soon as the enrollment window opens. We appreciate your support in updating your information in Infinite Campus, as soon as possible to assist us with student enrollment and allowing us to begin scheduling students into classes for the 2022-2023 school year.

For 8th-grade English, History, Science, and PE classes:
Students will be enrolled in 8th-grade classes.

For 8th-grade math courses:
Students currently enrolled in Accelerated 7 Math (and that are demonstrating achievement) will be placed into Honors Algebra 1.
Students currently in Math 7 will be placed into Math 8.

For Elective courses:
Students will learn about elective offerings in late April/May through videos and RPTV announcements.
Students will receive information about Year-long electives requiring auditions or applications via RPTV, counselor communication, and teacher reminders.
***Please understand that we do our best to provide as many elective options for our RP students and that based on teacher staffing allocations we are sometimes unable to provide all electives.

RP students with an IEP will receive guidance from case managers on course selection for next year. During annual IEP meetings, discussions regarding classes for 8th grade may be discussed.