8th Grade Transition to 9th

Plans for 8th Graders and High School
Student Enrollment at Comprehensive High School Campus
With the exception of Castaic residents, all RP students are automatically enrolled at West Ranch High School for 9th grade.
If your student is NOT attending WRHS, your student may only attend the high school within your residency boundary and parents must email the registrar at that high school, as well as RP. Please notify RP registrar, Mrs. Kathleen Lindgreen via email [email protected]
Parents requesting an IDT to another high school can complete the online IDT form. The form is on the district website hartdistrict.org, click on 'student', click on 'IDT'.

Families will receive information from West Ranch regarding updating Infinite Campus and Online Enrollment for 9th grade as soon as the enrollment window opens. RP and WRHS will communicate with our 8th-grade parents to help them with the process. WRHS will greatly appreciate your support in updating your information as soon as possible to assist them with student enrollment and scheduling students into classes for the 2021-2022 school year.
If your student has an IEP, matriculation meetings between RP and WRHS will take place in March or April. Please watch for an email invitation from your student's RP case manager.
Students Selection of High School Courses for 9th grade

West Ranch Counselors are excited to meet with each one of the incoming 9th grade students through virtual zoom meetings. Students will receive an email, sent out by Rancho Pico, the email will include; an instructional video and a link to a WR Class Registration Google Form to select their classes. Rancho Pico will coordinate the times for students to join the West Ranch Zoom meetings so counselors can meet students face to face. In order to have enough time to meet with each student, it is to include the student only.
As a Freshman, students will have a total of 6 classes per semester. In some cases, the only choice that you will make will be whether or not you are placed in honors or regular level coursework. Be sure and look at the requirements for Honors and AP Courses. The 6 courses you will have during your freshman year can vary from student to student based on special programs, but in general the structure of courses are as follows:

Course 1 - English
Course 2 - Math
Course 3 - Science
Course 4 - PE or Athletic Sport
Course 5 (Elective 1) - Health, Practical Art, Fine Art, Language other than English (LOTE), Special Program (Band, Choir, ASB)
Course 6 (Elective 2) - Health, Practical Art, Fine Art, Language other than English (LOTE), Special Program (Band, Choir, ASB)

On the Future Wildcat Website, you will find all kinds of information and guidance. Want to know a course description? Check out the Course Catalog! Math Sequence? Graduation Requirements? FAQ? See Videos about our programs? This can all be found on our webpage designed especially for Future Wildcats!

Upcoming Events Include: Freshman Orientation, How to Succeed in High School, dates and times will be posted on the Future Wildcat Website! https://www.westranchhighschool.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=317354&type=d&pREC_ID=841640

Interested in the choir program at WRHS?
Choir has a place for everyone. No matter your level of singing or performing experience (even if it's none!), in choir you will learn real musical skills, including how to sing and read music. You will also build resiliency and learn about teamwork. For more information, including how to audition, you can email [email protected] And be sure and check out our informational video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGxIbn5kASA&feature=emb_logo

Interested in Band/Orchestra/Jazz Program?
The Band Director, Mr. Marshall works directly with Rancho Pico music classes to communicate with students and parents about high school band participation. For more information and videos, visit our Future Wildcat Website.

Interested in Athletic Scheduling?
Students interested in playing a sport at WRHS will receive information regarding summer conditioning/camp offerings. This information is generally provided to students in early April once the high school has developed the schedule. Often, students are automatically enrolled in high school PE when they meet with their counselor and students are enrolled into athletic courses closer to the start of the school year.