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Dress Code

Dress Code

Our dress code is in place to promote student safety and reflects that of a professional student. Students are expected to give proper attention to personal cleanliness and to wear clothes that are suitable for the school activities in which they participate. Schools are charged with preparing students for professional environments and our dress code reflects this goal. Our dress code is gender neutral and we will strive to enforce it consistently among all students.

Rancho Pico staff reserves the right to determine what is appropriate for the school setting.

Shoes: Safe shoes shall be worn at all times. Slippers, flip-flops, and high heels are not allowed. Steel-toed shoes and shoes with a rolling device are not allowed.

Tops/Shirts: Clothing must conceal undergarments at all times. Shirts, tops, and dresses must have straps that are at least one inch (1”) wide. No spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, off the shoulder shirts, or strapless garments of any kind are allowed, including under open jackets. Bare midriffs are prohibited and tops shall completely cover the torso and chest regardless of movement.

Bottoms: Bottoms must fit sensibly and shall conceal undergarments at all times. Excessively tight clothing is not appropriate for school. Pajama bottoms are not allowed. Pants, skirts, and shorts may not have rips or tears above the thumb that show skin or are revealing in any way. Pants/shorts must be worn at the waist and may not be rolled down.

Shorts/Skirts: Skirts and shorts must fit sensibly and modestly.  A student should be able to stand with their arms at their sides and shorts/skirts must come at least to their thumb, despite movement throughout the day. Wearing leggings or tights underneath a skirt or shorts does not change the length requirement.

Clothing: Clothing, jewelry, and accessories shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignias which are crude, vulgar, violent, profane, or sexually suggestive, or which advocate racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice. Items that advocate and/or portray weapons, drugs, gangs, alcohol, tobacco, or disruptive/gang activities are prohibited. Any attire that can be deemed dangerous to a student or others when worn, based on input from the sheriff’s department, is not permitted.

Headwear: Hats and beanies/stocking caps must be free of offensive logos and be appropriate for junior high school. Hoodies should be worn only in inclement weather and not inside school buildings.

Violation of the above provisions of the student dress code will result in confiscation of inappropriate clothing item(s), and clean Rancho Pico attire will be provided.  At the end of the school day, students will return back to the office to change into their original clothing.  Repeat violations of dress code will be addressed through progressive discipline.

Field Trip and School Activity Dress Code:  When students attend trips and school sponsored events they are expected to dress according to the above policy.

Rev 12/04/19